Since the early 00s Alan has had poems published in many anthologies, which are listed below...

A Fish Rots From The Head – A Poetic and Political Wake, Culture Matters, 2022 (ed Rip Bulkeley)

Smokestack Lightning! Smokestack Books, 2021 (ed Andy Croft)

Cry of the Poor – An anthology of radical writing about poverty, Culture Matters, 2021 (ed Fran Lock)

The Brown Envelope Book – Poetry and prose on experiences of unemployment, the benefits system, disability and work capability assessments, Caparison/ Culture Matters, 2021 (ed)

Handbook for 2021, Bread and Roses Poetry Award Anthology, Culture Matters, 2020

Release a Rage of Red, Bread and Roses Poetry Award Anthology, Culture Matters, 2019

New River Press Yearbook 2019, New River Press, 2019

We Will Be Free!! Bread and Roses Poetry Award Anthology, Culture Matters, 2018

Ravaged Wonderful Earth – A Collection for David Kessel, Outsider Poets, 2013

Poems for Freedom, Freedom Books, 2013

Fit To Work: Poets Against Atos, 2013

The Robin Hood Book – Verse Versus Austerity, Caparison, 2012 (ed)

Soul Feathers – Poems in support of the Macmillan Cancer Trust, Indigo Dreams, 2011

Emergency Verse – Poetry in Defence of the Welfare State, Caparison, 2011 (ed)

The Night Shift, Five Leaves Publications, 2010

The Reiver’s Stone, Ettrick Forest Press, 2010

Orphans of Albion, Sixties /Survivors’ Press, 2008/10

The Overdose, Sixties Press, 2007

The Real Survivors’ Anthology, Sixties Press, 2007

Beyond Stigma, Sixties Press, 2006

MEAN - New Writing, The South, 2003

First Edition – Don’t Think of Tigers, The Do Not Press, 2001