Giving Light cover.jpg

Giving Light

Waterloo Sampler 2

Waterloo Press, 2003

ISBN 1-902-731-14-X

32pp chapbook

Out of print


Clocking-in for the Witching Hour

Chapbook-length poem, 48pp

Sixties Press, 2004

ISBN 1-902-731-03-4

Out of print


Feed a Cold,

Starve a Fever

Chapbook-length poem, 68pp

Sixties Press, 2004

ISBN 1-902-731-04-2

Out of print

Picaresque 1


Survivors' Press


Out of Print


The Mansion Gardens

Paula Brown Publishing, 2006

172pp, perfect bound

ISBN 1-905168-11-X


Picaresque or, The Pirates

of Circumstance

52pp, perfect bound paperback

Chipmunkapublishing, 2008

ISBN 978-1-84747-322-6

Alan Morrison.finalcover

A Tapestry of Absent Sitters

121pp, perfect bound paperback

Waterloo Press, 2009

ISBN 978-1-906742-04-1

Purple Patch Top Twenty Best Individual Poetry Collections 2009

Keir Hardie Street

Keir Hardie Street

96pp, paperback

Smokestack Books,

Feb 2010

ISBN 978-0-9560341-6-8

Shortlisted for the 2011 Tillie Olsen Award

CDs cover

Captive Dragons/

The Shadow Thorns

138pp, perfect bound


Waterloo Press (and Sussex

Partnership NHS Foundation Trust) Sep 2011

ISBN 978-1-906742-39-3

Blaze a Vanishing cover

Blaze a Vanishing and

The Tall Skies

(De Höga Himlarna)

144pp, perfect bound

Waterloo Press, 2013

Funded by Arts Council England Grants for the Arts Award

ISBN 978-1-906742-59-1

Blaze a Vanishing cover

Blaze a Vanishing 



Caparison/ World

Literature Today, US, 2013


Odour of Devon Violet


Funded by Arts Council England Grants for the Arts Award

SWH cover

Shadows Waltz Haltingly

Lapwing, Belfast

(Jan 2015)

84pp, perfect bound

ISBN 978-1-909252-89-9

Tan Raptures cover

Tan Raptures

Smokestack Books

1 April 2017

193pp, perfect bound

ISBN 978-0-995563-50-6

Shabbigentile cover


Culture Matters, 2019

140pp, perfect bound

Colour illustrated

ISBN 978-1-912710-10-2

Gum Arabic cover image

Gum Arabic

Cyberwit (India),

1 March 2020

82pp, perfect bound

ISBN: 978-9389690651

Anxious Corporals cover image

Anxious Corporals

A Poem Monograph

Smokestack Books

1 Feb 2021

162pp perfect bound

ISBN 9781916312128